January 25, 2018


When you purchase your Bulldog puppy through our web site the first thing that needs to be done is to take the puppy to our Vet, all of our Bulldog puppies need to have a health certificate and a vaccination record in order to get on the plane, all airlines will ask for this documentation.

Our Vet does a complete health exam on your Bulldog puppy, which includes a fecal test to check if the puppy is free from any worms or parasites. Then he will issue a health certificate stating that your Bulldog puppy is in perfect health and it is fit for sale and that I will have no problem shipping out your Bulldog. This gives us the guarantee that the your bulldog puppy we are sending is in perfect health and you will receive a healthy puppy.

In any case that he sees that your Bulldog Puppy needs to be in a treatment before hand, the buyer will be notified, we want to make sure that you receive a healthy Bulldog so please be patient and we hope you understand if this occurs; we only want what is best for our Bulldog puppies and our clients.

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