Im sorry to hear that you had such a problem with someone. But it is a blessing to know that you don’t just let your puppies go with anyone. Our Kuma is a blessing. We love him so much. you for such a wonderful boy.


Thank you guys so much for our new family member, JAX, he is a beautiful , loving, puppy who our boy Daniel is looking forward to growing up with. they are already the best of friends, it is uncanny how smart and intuitive the little fella is. We so look forward to watching them grow together! Your English-Bulldog’s are far and above anything i have ever been around, it is because of the love and caring you show all of them that they turn out the way they do. Thanks Again

Jacob - Huston, TX

We drove right down to your farm to pick up our boy “Keiko”. The whole experience with you was top notch. You guys are wonderful, kind and just the BEST people ever!! Their dogs are a dream and pups are so very sweet. Will forever hold the team you guys created with the highest regards, and recommend them to anyone.

Ashley - Miami, FL

My husband and I only recommend English-Bulldog over any other breed. They are highly intelligent and so affectionate. We also only recommend buying your English-Bulldog from here. They truly love their dogs and each and every puppy gets individual love and care. Gene literally spends day and night with all his dogs. I have met every dog on the farm and they are top notch, social, loving and well cared for!! Parents of Coraline Joyeux and Nakita Noelle

Susan Family

I just love my English-Bulldog her name is hachi she is brilliant, calm and just plain wonderful. You guys really know how to raise them hachi hasn’t had an accident in the house since she was 8 weeks old and she is house trained and i just cant say how thankful we are they kept us informed and always sent us pictures and now we have a great puppy. Satisfied owner

Lucy - Los Angeles, CA